Daniel Smitasin

I am an industrial designer currently living in Los Angeles, California. I love creating clean and understandable products that deliver an end-to-end experience that is both empathic to the users as well as the business. My passion for design is driven by the people that I design for. I believe that front-end research is the driving point behind designing great experiences and therefore I love being involved in discovering new insights. As a designer I look forward to the future and the technological advances that are being developed each day. My approach is to bridge that gap between technology and user experience in order to take what seems complicated and confusing and create a user-friendly design.

When I’m not designing you can always find me out discovering new things. I enjoy fishing in the lakes and streams of Southern California as well as photographing things that intrigue me. I love star gazing when I can get out of the city and enjoy learning and exploring the wild life parks around me. I often obsess over long trips, tv series, and food.

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