I am an industrial designer currently living in Seattle, Washington. I love making and creating objects that are both aesthetically beautiful, meaningful, and above all innovative. My design philosophy is both iterative and analog before I transition into digital I need to physically be able to feel my designs. Working with my hands to create form helps me to understand what the product should be, the sense of scale, and its proportion to the way it will be used. Finally, I believe wholeheartedly in empathy and that designs infused with empathy not only makes the experience more human-centered but also creates something more meaningful and is a step towards long lasting design.

Currently, I am working as a User Experience Designer at Microsoft in Washington State where I design experiences that address both user and business needs. I am continuously curious about the behaviors in people and how productivity can be pushed alongside creativity. Outside of that, I continue to practice industrial design on objects that I find need more thought behind their design.


When I’m not designing you will find me fishing the lakes and rivers of Washington State or back in Los Angeles admiring the numerous artist and art culture.  I love star gazing enjoy learning and exploring the wildlife parks around me. I often obsess over long trips, tv series, and food.

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