Studio Project 2015

Syren is a myoelectric prosthetic arm for upper-body amputees that integrates music as a form of therapy.  By using music as the center of innovation, Syren targets both physical and emotional problems.

This project is dedicated to Phoebe Ko who lost her battle with cancer in 2018.



Syren started like most projects, with a human need. I met a young pianist named Phoebe who lost her arm to cancer when she was very young. She showed me her love and passion for gospel music and together we set out to create the experience of "touching music".

Using a Makey Makey I started experimenting with the ability to touch an object and have it create sound. From there I quickly swapped to an Arduino with some pressure sensors and got the sensors to talk to GarageBand creating sound when a person with the pressure sensors strapped to their fingers pushed down on any surface or object. The concept of the sensors would then be integrated to current myoelectric prosthetic arms.